Monday, May 2, 2011

Irritable bowel syndrome medications

the irritable bowel syndrome or IBS is a bowel disorder where abdominal pain, bloating, discomfort, and the alternation of Diarrhea or constipation, distorts the bowel caused by the stress and the nervous system. 

This disease is predominant on woman but man also have it. In United States 35 million people has this problem although there is not medication that can cure it completely. The irritable bowel syndrome can start at any time in our lives, in my case it started when I was 19 years old, after a series of traumatic situations, which developed my stress. For a few years of my life I recluse myself at home, avoiding any place that I did not recognize, because I was afraid to have the urge to go to the bathroom and to do not have one near by. Basically the  irritable bowel syndrome modified my behavior and I became afraid to going out. Sadly there is not many irritable bowel syndrome medications yet. 

I spent 4 years of my life trying to hide from everything that was different of new in my life, I had a routine and if it was perturbed my colon was affected, giving me the worst of the worst. One day I decided to overcome my phobias and I started the adventure of get cured. I have searched for many  irritable bowel syndrome  medications, alternative medicine and even changing my diet and today I will tell you what I did to change my life. 

First of all you have to know that is no cure for IBS and the  irritable bowel syndrome medications is not to cure it, but to relieve the pain and other symptoms. Alternative medications can be tried, because the IBS attacks people in different ways. Some of you have only diarrhea, others constipation, bloating an so on, and you have to experiment with what you have available. 

If you are reading this is because you already know what  irritable bowel syndrome  is, and you are looking only for the irritable bowel syndrome medication, so lets start. 

1. Loperamide: this drug is deviated from a opioid drug, which helps against diarrhea. I use imodium as my  irritable bowel syndrome  medication. imodium is not addictive and I use it only when I have to travel large distances. Not only helps to stop diarrhea but also other  irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.  So far this is the best  irritable bowel syndrome medication I have tried. You don't need to buy imodium, just buy a generic medication that have loperamide on it. 

2. Anti-spasmodic drugs: The IBS makes the colon to move inadequate, cause the urges to go to he bathroom. Basically is a response of the nervous system, which is confusing a normal daily act into a threat to the body. When you have that inadequate movement, pain is present and the urges are generally there. Buy anti-spasmodic drugs, that help to regulate the colon movements. The name may change from place to place so ask for irritable bowel syndrome medications, with anti-spasmodic.

3. Dietary Fiber: If you don't want to use a drug, this is a very good natural  irritable bowel syndrome medication. Dietary fiber is a indigestible portion of plants that help to regulate the colon's or gastrointestinal tract. Fiber becomes a gelatinous substance and is fermented inside the tract by bacteria. This viscous substance travels to your colon, and regulates it, basically you won't have diarrhea or constipation ever, when you drink a spoon of fiber with 2 glasses of water (you need plenty of water) everyday. At the beginning this  irritable bowel syndrome  medication will make you feel a little bit bloated, but after a couple of days you will tell the difference. 

4. Bacteria: Good bacteria as the one on the fiber helps your gastrointestinal tract. You can try yogurt, kimchee (Korean radish dish) or Kefir (fermented milk drink), or any other fermented food. I eat kimchee everyday (I am currently living in Korea) and is wonderful. This kind of bacteria helps to absorb the nutrients in your intestines and it eats the wrong stuff in your poop. Very recommended as a irritable bowel syndrome medication.

5. Mint: Menthol leaves is a very good natural irritable bowel syndrome medication. Mint has the properties of relieving gas and pain. Buy some mint pills or buy some tea. You can get a small limb of the plant and make it grow. These plant grows very fast and you can cut a branch and plant it. Use a few leaves for a good tea. 

6. A very important irritable bowel syndrome medication is the prevention. Usually the people with IBS has zero milk tolerance, so avoid eating food with milk. If you are sensitive to spicy food, don't eat it, same goes to beer, or fatty food. The fatty a food is, the worst you feel, so stop and create a nice diet for yourself.  I honestly do not follow any diet, it seems my IBS does not affect me that much when I eat, only if it does not have milk deviated products in it.

7. Water: Another irritable bowel syndrome organic medication. I drink 4 to 6 litters of water a day. Not only you will have a wonderful skin, but also you will feel awake, with energy and you will keep your gastrointestinal tract clean. 

8. Exercise: As a natural irritable bowel syndrome medication, exercising relax the body and the mind. Remember, the IBS is a disease created by the nervous system, so treat that and your symptoms will be less painful.

9. Don't panic. If you need to go to the bathroom, is always a bathroom near by. If not, and you don't have any other choice, you will have to do your business in your pants. Simple as that, is not like you are going to die right?  Try to tell your friends about your problem so they are aware if suddenly you have to run to the bathroom.  Being honest to your family, friends and yourself is a very good start for your own irritable bowel syndrome medications. 

Contact your physician for more irritable bowel syndrome medications, the is some that are stronger than others, but depends of the level of IBS you have.  

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